The City was founded by John Ball, around 1797 or 1798. He moved to the West St. Louis County area, possibly at the same time as the Daniel Boone party moved to and settled in the St. Charles, Warren County areas.  The town was originally recorded as "Ballshow", but two days later, on February 9, 1837, Ball amended the recorded plat to be named Ballwin. No one knows for sure why the name was changed, but one of John Ball's great-grandsons says it was the result of a rivalry with neighboring Manchester.  In the years that followed, Ballwin has grown from the town Ball knew, with only a few homes and businesses, to a small village of 750 people when it was incorporated on December 29, 1950, to a thriving City of 32,000 today.  In 2005, 2011, and 2013 Money Magazine named Ballwin one of the best 100 places to live in Missouri. The famous roast beef chain, Lions Choice, was also founded here.

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